World Tour – A new kickbike for the journey!

First pics of the push scooter offered to me by Kickbike, for the upcoming World Open Tour! 

I’ll be kicking on a 26×20′ Cruise Max model to get back on trails.
Thanks to the customizations made by Hannu, Alpo and Miia after they observed the sketches I sent them during my Europe tour, I have plenty of options to test and will be able to use different setups throughout the journey! A huge thank you to the team <3

My turn to work now and figure the kind of configuration I’ll start with :)


20012017-P1230552 20012017-P1230568 20012017-P1230571 20012017-P1230577 22012017-P1230619 22012017-P1230620 22012017-P1230608 22012017-P1230621 852743C9-9EE6-4209-8A94-C5C3241A8FAF

18 (Thanks, keep going !)