Training in… Provence, #6

It’s almost D day, and those are the last funky rides before a very long one!
I had the pleasure of kicking through provençal landscapes, on asphalt and crossing country, in daylight as in total obscurity. All of this punctuated by a night under the stars in the very heart of Meyrargues’s forest, and a long skill training session starting a fire with humid wood.

In the early morning, the sleeping bag had begun to prove its worth by keeping me warm and dry amidst a thick fog patiently soaking the hills, whilst first shots of early hunters were banging already.

12241288_984033401642750_7642365905104101655_n 12208505_984033498309407_586981666764995032_n 12246685_984033578309399_8457342716580346843_n 12189102_984033678309389_5179613852579440000_n 11988435_984033848309372_9033204595262776493_n 12243095_984033904976033_5245861673725158148_n 12195984_984033971642693_9040362574492889515_n 12246737_984034028309354_8766966115566343535_n 12243438_984034054976018_6012853983239011207_n 12227725_984034224976001_3844648032764792466_n 11205069_984034468309310_2592328626558147788_n 12235005_984034458309311_3006437748657976007_n 12227183_984034284975995_7148071299027030733_n 11416203_984034204976003_1981354862411633480_n 12219517_984034231642667_1131859507809346855_n 12246937_984034244975999_3766578002153326943_n 12240094_984034371642653_4982740807929102461_n 12196019_984034281642662_6227356616616395736_n

4 (Thanks, keep going !)

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