Training in Normandy #2

Running in early or late hours is generally a very good way of discovering a familiar environment with brand news eyes. One can begin or end a day with a regenerated mind. Once the little going-out-in-the-cold hesitation overcomed, and slept on proper sportswear, it’s such a pleasure to observe things under a rising or descending light. At twilight (diffusion of glowing red bass frequencies of the solar spectrum through the atmosphere, whenever the sun stands at the horizon), one can still or already stare at the stars, watch the quick, though discreet world metamorphosis before getting busy for the day, or plunge into the darkness of a night.

Perhaps the moment is of making assessments or decisions ? Without doubt, it is a moment where the cyclic, biological dimension of our beings gets tangible, but also where lies hidden away the reflexivity of our existences. After all, it is significant to witness everyday what seem to us like a new beginning : a little distance sufficient enough to dig the bed of philosophy, of contemplation. So says Aristotle, “Through wonder men began to philosophize, both now and in the beginning.”


9 (Thanks, keep going !)

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