Interview « Tour du Monde » pour Kolobezkovy Portal, par Jan.

Dès qu’il a su que je continuais sur ma lancée avec « Une vie simple – Open World Tour », Jan (de Kolobezkovy Portal) m’a posé quelques questions complémentaires à propos de cette annonce ! Où il est question de la nature de l’ambition, du monde d’aujourd’hui et des expériences qui attendent l’explorateur, et de la façon de donner un coup de pouce à l’aventure.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous la version anglaise de notre échange, tandis que la transcription en Tchèque est à lire sur son forum.

[Interview with Jan, 24th of November 2016]

« So, the World Tour? Isn´t it a bit too ambitious?:)

The next years will tell :)

But I believe it’s no more ambitious than trying to live accordingly to one’s own convictions. I’m not speaking about ideologies and beliefs regarding the nature of truth. Perhaps the word « intuition » would fit better for what I’m pointing at, something that seems to be a matter of individual holistic experience. If my individual experience of life is in some manner not satisfying, what should I do to change it ? As a social living being that seldom lives totally alone and self-sufficient, a person asking himself this question and acting on it will be changing his relationships to a surrounding, a community -even if it’s in the form of a rupture- and be at once tangled in political issues such as « the common good », the nature of society, the conditions of welfare at a personal and at group-scale level, etc. Whatever the extent of the solution explored, I think the ambition really is in the will to be ready to reexamine how one leads his own life, and act. Then, for some, changing a small habit can be more ambitious than getting ready to go on a world tour :)

How do you feel about the world nowadays. Sometimes it seems to be a bit unstable for such expeditions?

I can only imagine that it is exactly as I experienced it until now, during my European life on the road: not at all like the global media device pictures it. Which does not prevent from keeping a cautious attitude, be aware of geo-political tensions and apply rules of politeness and respect regarding the different cultures one is confronted to. I dont’t expect to avoid any negative experiences. But the dark and depressing movie of an apocalyptic world too dangerous to travel is not what I have in mind (perhaps it is a good blockbuster to keep a part of the population at home or at their jobs ;).

What is your plan of financing it? If there is anyone willing to help you, what is the best way to do it?

First I’m trying to fund the basic expenses I can not avoid before I hop on back on the board : insurance, enough for visas along the way,  gear and equipment, website hosting. People can make a donation for example on my World Open Tour announcement page, on my website or by contacting me. I’m also looking for some financial sponsors, but it’s more tricky.

For the life on the road, I will keep on exploring alternatives and live on little, I will try to develop new dimensions to this journey, such as interventions in schools or structures throughout the trail, exhibiting pictures, sharing the experience and adventure. People might want to help and donate then, but I’m not planning on asking to be paid for those. I want to keep the « free participation » principle. And find solutions on the way.

Would you keep the same line of informing your fans – FCB plus blog news or do you prepare something different?

It’s a topic I’m often considering (should I avoid social media?). Anyway, technically some regions of the world will be more prone to sharing news only once in a while on the blog, whilst others will allow for regular Facebook updates. Perhaps other ways of sharing will appear, I’m on for a few years, so there is lot of room for evolution…

And of course, do you plan to come to Czech to meet your fans?:)

Haha ! Yes, I plan on kicking through Czech towards the East, and am ready to meet people that would be curious about the journey :) »


8 (Thanks, keep going !)

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